Jake Davis


An Ambrotype Collection


Recent Exhibitions:

Turner Fine Art - Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Greg Moon Art - Taos, New Mexico
Verum Ultimum Gallery - Portland, Oregon


Short Film


Selected Press

 Jackson Hole News & Guide - “Reimagining Western Icons”:

“Part of this is embracing imperfection,” Davis said. “There’s this sense of anticipation that you just don’t get with any other types of photography. When I load my photos in Lightroom, I know what they’re going to look like. ... With this your fingers are crossed and your heart’s racing. ... And the fact that you can’t go back and do it again, it’s frustrating, but it’s also what makes it really special.” That technique has never been implemented with wildlife photography. The evocative use of Civil War-era photography techniques makes Davis’ photos, already striking digitally, that much more powerful.

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